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A firm's analysts are highly regarded in their sectors - and there is no stronger endorsement of an analyst's capacity to meet clients' needs than Institutional Investor's rankings. The research team rankings offer the highest level of recognition across a wide geographical presence for equities.


Institutional Investor ensures the participation of the world’s most prominent investors in each of its rankings:

More than 14,000 voters
In more than 3,300 firms

Voted in Resarch Team surveys across the globe.

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Rankings are based on feedback from the world's most influential financiers.


Voters included research directors, chief investment officers (CIOs), directors and heads of investment at major money management firms around the world.



Who's best at meeting the needs of the global investment community?


Institutional Investor's sector based rankings are the industry's benchmark for excellence in equity research around the world. Find out who provides the best service in your sector.

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Research Team reports include:


•  The All-America Research Team

•  The All-America Fixed-Income Research Team

•  The All-America-Research Team Rising Stars

•  The All-Asia Research Team

•  The All-Brazil Research Team

•  The All-China Research Team

•  The All-Europe Research Team

•  The All Europe Fixed-Income Research Team

•  The All-Japan Research Team

•  The Emerging Europe, Middle East & Africa Research Team

•  The Latin America Research Team

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From the winners to the biggest movers, gain an in-depth understanding of the tactics and strategies employed by key rankings performers.

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