Corporates are dealing with three major challenges underpinned by structural shifts in the financial community: investors have globally diversified their portfolios, investing has shifted from active to passive and MiFID II regulatory changes have been implemented. To remain competitive in today’s landscape, investors are becoming even more knowledgeable and discerning regarding their investment decisions.


It is crucial in today's regulatory and financial climate to earn the confidence of the financial community by creating clear, consistent, and perhaps most importantly, compelling investment narratives. Consequently, the role investor relations plays within a company, and its share price, continues to increase in significance.

 Executive Team Research

Executive Team Research provides the research needed not only to demonstrate your value to investors, but to help you uncover competitive advantages, learn from challenges and identify opportunities to successfully communicate with new and existing investors and increasing your investment dollars.


"As an executive or IR professional, knowing how your message is resonating with investors compared to your peers is more important than ever."


6 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Perception Study


Compare Your IR Efforts to Your Peers’

• View your company's rankings along with your sector peers.

• Get a greater level of accuracy with exact scores.

Learn From Investor Comments

• To complement the quantitative analysis provided, your Study provides qualitative insights with the inclusion of voter commentary.

• Gain valuable insight from investors and sell-side analysts about the companies in your sector - what are they doing right and doing wrong?


• The candor of these comments are built on the long-standing relationships voters in our survey have with Institutional Investor.

Improve Your Best 
IR Practices

• Investors rank IR programs in six best practice areas, from your executives’ accessibility to providing the appropriate level of financial disclosure.

• Leverage these rankings to focus your IR team’s development, as well as the IR contribution of your company’s top executives, where it's needed most

Risks and Opportunities

Target Investors

• Strategically target your most sought after investors and increase the effectiveness of your IR events and travel..

• Reports are segmented by voter characteristics to help uncover with whom your outreach has, or has not, resonated.


• Ranks are shown by your voter's:

- Voter location
- Assets under management
- Voter function (title)
- Institution type
- Voter research team rank


Learn from
 IR Directors
& CFOs

• The IR Study summarizes the insights, observations, and methods of IR directors and CFOs, both at your sector peers and the world’s largest companies.


• Specific topics include:

- ­How companies attract new investors?
- ­How companies communicate with the buy and sell-sides?


• Discover how other companies run their IR programs to evaluate and improve your own.

Highlight Your Team's Accomplishments

• Customize Institutional Investor's IR Perception Study based on your performance in the survey and highlight your CEO’s, CFO’s, and IR team’s success to investors and across your organization..


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