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Institutional Investor is the leader in investor relations research, providing immediately actionable intelligence regarding the quality of your investor relations program.


The Executive Team IR Perception Study provides the research needed not only to demonstrate your value to investors, but to help you uncover competitive advantages, learn from challenges and identify opportunities to successfully communicate with new and existing investors and increasing your investment dollars.

With valuable quantitative and qualitative analysis about your company’s IR program you’ll discover exactly where your strengths and challenges lie compared to others companies in your sector.

The Best CEO, CFO, and IR Professional Polling

Voters are asked to nominate the CEOs, CFOs, and IR Professionals who are most effective at meeting the information needs of the investment community.  

How do you become a voter?

IR Perception Study will help your company:

Benchmark your team’s performance against sector peers

Receive direct feedback from investors and analysts to improve your IR strategy

Proactively increase the quality of your company’s IR program

How will you benefit from an IR Perception Study?


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